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Should I tell Them That They Can Track Someone’s Live Location Online?

The time when I got my diploma and was allowed to teach the students was the best moment of my life. I have always dreamed of becoming a teacher and the moment I got the green signal I was ready to conquer the world. You can say I was passionate enough to change the world at that time and honestly I thought I would be different. The scene they show in the latest dramas about the American school was exaggerated in my opinion. But once I joined the practical world I found out that maybe passion and commitment are not enough to deal with the ground realities. There are tons of variables that I did not see coming and once I was in the professional world I found out that kids these days are different from our times. I mean yes there were troubled teenagers in our school at that time but still, it was better. Now the conditions are worst. Kids today have no fear and they don’t care about anything. All they know is how to get what they want and however they want. They have no concerns about their parents, friends, teachers, and more. Though not every kid is like that there are good kids as well but they also become the victims of the bad students.

  • According to the  Guttmacher Institute, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 17 is the average age for American teenagers for getting familiar with sex for the first time. 

There was this case of a special kid who was abused by the class fellows in the school peripheries. It happened right after I joined the class as their teacher. As the person directly involved with the students it was kind of my first test. We settle the situation on an administrative level and the possible suspects were also given penalties but it was all suspicions as they did not leave any proof. The victim as the special child was unable to differentiate and pinpoint what in reality went wrong. I meet her parents and they were so much worried. They were even thinking of witching the schools. I knew the student and she was barely settling down after so many transfers. I knew about the parental control apps and features especially the one through which one can track someone’s live location online. I wanted to tell them about that as I thought it would be a great help for them. Now only for victims, this type of feature can work best for all teenagers. The kids who received the penalty must be monitored as well. Only parents can do this as they have the power and authority to use the spy apps. Parents can use the authority to track someone’s live location online feature especially when it involves a teen who is basically out of control and has no regard for right and wrong. So ladies and gentlemen I did a thing. I told both parties’ parents to try the TheOneSpy spy app. They offer GPS location tracking features that be handy in their case. Thankfully they seemed interested and understanding. I told them it is my advice and have nothing to do with the school or authorities. I told them that my sister is handling her teenagers perfectly using the app and features. 

  • For people who have not heard about such things as spy apps it may seem that ability to track someone’s live location online is kind of aggressive but believe me, it depends on the usage. 
  • For example, the use of such features as parental control can help the parents avoid many problems. 
  • Another use of such a feature can be to monitor the employees responsible for outdoor work.
  • Parents can know about the live location of the kid at any given time. By using the feature they are no longer dependent on kids’ texts or calls to know about their whereabouts information. 
  • In case of any emergency, the feature can help the parents to track the location of the kid and offer them help. 
  • You can even mark a safe and restricted virtual zone on Google Maps for the kids. 

Track someone’s live location online is legal unless you are a parent or employer of the target or you have written consent of the parties involved.